RIVOIRE® it’s happiness to taste. Since 1872 we have cultivated and given shapes to emotions, transforming them into chocolate. Our dream it’s to make you smile at every taste. Savouring our chocolate, still made in the same way as when this was a “Steam Chocolate Factory”, your lips turn up and happy, carefree smiles appear in your eyes.

Our history

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Impossible to resist. Useless to try. Let yourself be conquered by the sweet embrace of desire.

Doing things a little
bit differently

Enrico Rivoire was the first Florence maître chocolatier, the first to spread with passion creamy moments of pleasure, delightful crunchinesses, exotic and elegant scents.

The Restaurant

Italian cuisine meets the international one, with innovative touches that reveal the true essence of the best ingredients. We lay bare the Italian inspiration to enhance the delicate taste and roughness of Mediterranean culture.

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