150 years of Rivoire

The historic café in Florence's Piazza della Signoria celebrates the century and a half since its foundation, and still surprises with its chocolate delicacies, refined cocktails and the flair of its cuisine.
150 years after its founding, today as then the café overlooking Piazza della Signoria exudes the same elegant atmosphere of what had quickly become the salon of the city's elite and continues to delight the most discerning connoisseurs with its celebrated chocolate specialities and other delicacies, skilfully prepared according to ancient recipes by master pastry chefs and chocolatiers who work in their own workshops with processes and tools that have been handed down since the very beginning.

The celebrations

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Rivoire® is getting a new logo expressing its prestigious and luxurious Made in Italy uniqueness, where the fleur-de-lis of Florence marries the R of the brand, enriched with references to the Florentine Renaissance and the Royal House of Savoy.
The official celebrations for the 150th anniversary will be held next Thursday, 27 October, in a glittering evening of aperitifs, live chocolate shows by the House's master chocolatiers, music and "special effects".
This is the essence of a 150-year success story, a place that is not just a venue, but rather an almost magical, universal and timeless dimension.