There are enterprises which have kept intact their heritage and the quality of their products over the centuries, carving out a role in history. This is the case of RIVOIRE®, founded in 1872 by Enrico Rivoire, Master Chocolatier of the House of Savoy, who chose to share his noble art and his delicious creations with Florentine society.

Born in Turin where he developed his chocolate art, Rivoire became the official chocolate supplier of the Turin royal family. When the Savoy court moved to the new capital Florence, Enrico Rivoire decided to offer to the entire city the fruit of his mastery; thus, in 1872, he opened, in one of Florence’s most fascinating locations a place that could serve the typical Piedmontese pastime of socializing in elegant cafes.

The Present

At RIVOIRE® you can breathe the elegant atmosphere of its legendary history. Today as then, its famous chocolate specialties and other delicacies are expertly prepared according to original recipes by master pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

A restaurant has been added recently, with a fine menu and a careful selection of wines. The new establishment has embarked on the ambitious project to preserve the charm and prestige of RIVOIRE® and to share this historic jewel with the rest of the world.

The management team wants to be an attentive guardian to this treasure and accompany the brand towards a prosperous future with care, sensitivity and respect, making sure that the excellence and innovation of RIVOIRE®, together with its noble past, will continue to fascinate the new generations and create the perfect alchemy between tradition and modernity.

The Future

RIVOIRE® is a treasure trove of Florentine history, prestige and quality; since its origins in Piazza della Signoria, it has been keen on projecting and communicating its identity and its promise of long-famous delights to the world.

The most authentic “Made in Italy” with its 150 years of experience is now preparing to reach beyond the boundaries of its hometown and bring its absolute excellence to the larger world.