The Restaurant

The cuisine is renewed and offers the true essence, the Italian flair, the delicacy of flavors and the character of Mediterranean culture.

Moving away from a tourist approach that has characterized the entire historic center for decades, RIVOIRE® wants to reclaim its glorious past and thus return to being a reference point for its own city.

Based on this concept, we wanted a Florentine behind our stoves and in front of our customers: Luigi Incrocci. Luigi immediately took up the tough challenge of serving uncompromised quality even in one of the most visited spots in the world.

"Finally being able to eat quality food sitting in Piazza della Signoria, I think this is the most beautiful gift Rivoire can give to Florence and to the Florentines."
A loyal customer

"To finally be able to sit down in Piazza della Signoria and eat quality food is, I think, the best gift Rivoire can give to Florence and the Florentines."
A loyal customer

“My goal is to amaze with simplicity – Luigi begins. As a good Tuscan, I love true genuineness that corresponds to quality, respect for food, seasonality.

In my work I often focus on the re-elaboration of traditional recipes, setting myself the goal to enhance their hidden flavors and peculiarities.

Surely, as a hot-blooded Tuscan, I do not disdain playing with combinations, but always respecting the raw materials”.