the Laboratory

Steam chocolate factory since 1872

"I discovered Rivoire when I was about six, right here my grandfather made me taste the best hot chocolate I have ever drunk. I accepted to lead this new adventure but I was totally convinced only when I went back to taste the same fantastic chocolate as when I was a child."

The Manager

Before everything else, RIVOIRE® it’s about chocolate, and the magic in it. Chocolate is the only food capable of winning over all senses. Its thousands of facets charm the view, its scent immediately recalls a total feeling of wellbeing. Touch and ear are pleased by the ritual, made by muffled and crunchy sounds and gestures that accompany spoons, knives or simply fingers.

RIVOIRE® it’s the magic of chocolate in all its shape and form, from the well-known hot chocolate, to our great classics: spreads, a wide range of pralines and cremini, chocolate bars and noisettes and the many modern creations, made following and respecting the tradition of one of the most ancient Italian chocolate brands.Every occasion or life moment can be sweet, if you surround yourself in this magic.