Rivoire Cocktail Bar

Rivoire's historic café welcomes guests to its sophisticated atmosphere by day, showing the 19th-century face of a classy chocolatier and café. During the evening, RIVOIRE® becomes the nerve center of mixed drinks and Florentine “mixology”.
Credit to Head Barman Elisa Randi, who well before the term "BarLady" was coined, was already teaching many future colleagues.
The exclusive design is colored by cocktails and experiences that are always up-to-date and innovative, Elisa's skillful hands craft perfect flavor combinations, authentic masterpieces, often capable of setting trends, creating new fashions.

History of our Bar

RIVOIRE® has been one of Florence's most celebrated historical salons for many generations since its inception.
At the tables of RIVOIRE® sat the Florentine nobility, parliamentarians of the Kingdom of Italy, famous artists and intellectuals, as well as explorers of trends and taste, who accompanied their discussions with ecstatic views of one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.
Today its historic beauty shines through, enriched with a contemporary touch.
Take a seat, we are ready to welcome today's excellence.