Rivoire Cocktail Bar

The historic Rivoire it’s known mainly for its morning facade, with the cafeteria and the chocolate shop.
But it’s in the evening that our Headbartender Elisa Randi gives the best of herself.Before the term “Barlady” even existed Elisa was already teaching to many of her future colleagues, it’s not a coincidence that the majority of the best cocktails in Florence are made by her students.
From the timeless Negroni Experience to new arrivals, Elisa proposes a cocktail list that always keeps up with the new tendencies, well balanced cocktails and astonishing presentation, The problem will be drinking in another place after you try her .

History of our Bar

For generations an historic lounge in Florence, Rivoire takes back what it deserves: the most beautiful view of Renaissance Florence accompanied with memorable drinks.
Born in 1872 as a chocolate factory, Rivoire has become throughout the years a point of reference in Florence, a symbol of excellent products and a meeting place for celebrities all over the world.
Rivoire today proposes itself with its historic beauty, embellished by a contemporary touch, ready to welcome the excellencies that this historical period has to offer.